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Serenity Sweets and Self-Care

Clay and Charcoal Facial Mask

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A grown up version of playing in the mud! This quick and easy facial mask refreshes your skin in just ten minutes. Just activate with water, (1 tablespoon at a time until you reach your desired consistency,) mix, and apply to your face for a mini spa experience at home. Comes in reusable container. Depending on how much you use at once, it comes with multiple applications.


Bentonite Clay: expands when mixed with water, which pull out toxins from the pores that cling to the clay. This makes it an excellent deep pore cleanser.

Activated Charcoal: is said to remove impurities and soak up excess oil, and help minimize the appearance of pores.

Tea Tree Oil: is a natural antiseptic and is said to help combat acne.