From Covid Chaos to Creative Compassion

Our mission started as a way to help loved ones endure their Covid experiences a little more comfortably. During times of illness, pain, and isolation, these products were given as doorstep gifts for a physcial and mental pick-me-up. These products are thoughtfully handmade with love and good-for-you ingredients: no unecessary fillers and preservatives here!

Priorities are shifting in terms of self-care. Starting an intentional routine within the home is the first step. Treat yourself to the self-love you deserve with our feel-good products infused with ingredients like Essential and Vitamin E oils!

The Bomb That Started It All

Message in a Bottle Bomb Reveal

  • Reprioritizing Self-Care

    Why do flight attendants always tell you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others? (Because, if you are not taken care of, you cannot take care of others.) Making time to invest in your own wellbeing ensures that you are not trying to pour from an empty cup. And besides, you are worth it!

  • Responsible Packaging and Practices

    We pride ourselves on selecting packaging that have or could be recycled or repurposed, or can be recycled or repurposed. Examples are our bath bomb paper, steamer organza bags, and lip polish containers were selected becauase they ensure that everything we do at Serenity is sustainable!

    All of our ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free, and handmade in small batches to ensure consistent quality - every time.

  • So...Where Are the Sweets?

    We have a multitude of treats that we provide to the local community, (such as our English Toffee,) but are working on the logisitics of shipping temperature-sensitive goodies. Stay tuned for updates!

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  • "Love, love, love! The Message in a Bottle Bombs are so much fun and the products left my skin feeling amazing."

    -Kat W.

  • "We bought several bath bombs for our daughters for Christmas last year and they absolutely love them! The message in the bottle concept really excited them and they thought a fairy had hidden the note for them.

    Top quality products, and excellent customer service."

    -Mike E.

  • "I love the bath bombs! They're made with high quality ingredients that you don't often find in bargain brand products."

    -John M.

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